Event Management Agency  Excel Financial Model
Originally published: 04/12/2020 08:15
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Event Management Agency Excel Financial Model

Event Management Agency financial Model provides a wide range of Financial analyzing tools and performance KPIs.

An Event Management Agency Excel Financial Model prepared by Oak Business Consultants includes a complete financial framework to make solid financial plans and projections. This financial Model consists of all relevant financial statements and performance metrics, which enable the user to make sound decisions by considering all operational risk factors.

Oak Business Consultant has developed these templates for event management agencies with a 5-year forecast. It will help you to manage and organize your business efficiently. Using this model, you cannot be distracted by complicated calculations and utilize more time in marketing activities and managing your customers’ tasks.

One can easily edit our event agency management with basic knowledge of excel and finance by adding information itself. All metrics will be updated automatically after made adjustments in the input sheet. Here you will find all the necessary financial and valuation reports, including Cash flow, Breakeven, Startup Cost plan, Balance sheet, and Net income statements. A high-quality financial model for an event agency makes it possible to foresee a profit for the future to come, enabling an owner to make wise decisions.

Key Inputs of Event Management Agency Excel Financial Model

- The growth rate of Customer- at what rate your customers are growing monthly.
- Inventory Ratio- it will allow the model to evaluate your business estimated inventory amount on hand.
- Average Price of each service category along with its average allocation percentage.
- Tax Rate
- Payable & Receivable Day's inputs enable the model to calculate Account Receivable and Accounts - - -
Payables in the balance sheet.
- Operating Expense: Enter all appropriate operating expense amounts to calculate OPEX.
- Enter the percentage of Cost of Good Service of each service category separately.

Key Features of the Event Management Agency Excel Financial Model

- Input Sheet: This sheet linked with all related financial statements; make a change to this
the sheet will impact the result of all financial automatically
- Startup Summary Plan: This sheet provides you and your investors an analysis of all the capital
investment requirements and summary of expenses that incurred while establishing your business
- 5 years detailed Monthly and Yearly Income Statement
- 5 years detailed Balance Sheet Statement
- 5 years details Cash Flow Analysis
- Detailed KPIs – Full KPIs with dashboards.
- Dashboards – The Event Management Agency Excel financial model contains dashboards and
visuals that enable users to understand the complete financial positions of the company quickly.
- Diagnostic Tools – This Diagnostic sheet automatically calculates the data such as the
Profitability ratio, Net operating expense ratio to expense, etc.,
- Break-Even Analysis Summary
- Project Evaluation Sheet – Calculates the company's valuation and IRR

Why Event Management Agency Excel Financial Model Beneficial for you?

Well-Formatted  & Presented: All core 3-financial statements (income statement, cash flow, and Balance Sheet) are accurately presented and connected with the input and formatted in a well-structured way. Also, it follows a particular color theme, which is consistent in all sheets.

Investor's Friendly: All related investor metrics are included; therefore, investors will appreciate the full transparency on an Event Management financial model while considering to invest in your business.

Clear Integration: Integrated and connected everything from assumptions to all financial statements and Performance KPIs in a well-structured and deal-proven way.

Data Visualization Tool: It provides data visualization graphs that clearly depict your company's financial health, so you can easily track your company's performance.

Tested — The Event Management Agency Financial Model is custom made and has been used by various companies with positive feedback. Hence, it's a proven solution for your event management agency's business financial and operating reporting needs.

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