First Basic Modeler Project File demonstrating how to create a simply interactive app with Excel and Powerpoint
Originally published: 28/01/2019 11:40
Publication number: ELQ-25754-1
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First Basic Modeler Project File demonstrating how to create a simply interactive app with Excel and Powerpoint

This is a simple example of how to connect Excel and Powerpoint using Modeler which then enables interactive visuals.

In this tool you will be able to create you own first modeler project simply by downloading the application and using the existing files that can be found in your Documents folder.

A short video has been created to help you to do this.

Once you have installed Modeler from the link below, you should be able to connect both Powerpoint and Excel and then enable an interactive visualisation for more engaging presentations.

Here is a link to a short video as well on our YouTube channel.

You can download Modeler from this link.

Once downloaded you will have access to make and edit your own files for 60 days. If you need any further information beyond that, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Once you have completed this simple project, you can move onto more complex models and visualisations.

You will also be able to find other examples and use cases for Modeler in Eloquens.

Also stay tuned to our YouTube channel to see more examples which we will be releasing in the coming months.

You can also find us at or connect with us on LinkedIn.

This Best Practice includes
1. Powerpoint 2. Excel 3. Modeler 4. PDF outputs of the completed project

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Further information

To show how easy it is to make a simple Excel file more interactive using existing tools like Powerpoint and Modeler. No coding required and you have a visual interactive app.

To demonstrate to others how to use cutting edge financial modeling technology and visualisation. This will help you look like a rock star to peers, your boss and competition.

Modeler is particularly useful during client pitches and in influencing the audience in a way that is dynamic and visually appealing. No rebooking of the meeting to change the Excel file or image, you simply do it live there and then.

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