Talent Review Process Template
  • Talent Review Process Template
  • Talent Review Process Template
Originally published: 25/01/2018 15:19
Publication number: ELQ-48197-1
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Talent Review Process Template

Performance and Potential Rating Excel Template including 9 box grid.

This excel spreadsheet contains a handy template for assessing and reviewing the talent of candidates within your organization. It provides 6 steps which you can follow to come up with a comprehensive evaluation of the employee. These steps are as follows:

1. Performance and Potential
Alongside a 9 box grid, this step enables you to rate the employee from 1-5 on various skills relating to performance and potential. You will be asked to give a rating based on their ability to delight customers, be accountable, reduce complexity, improve financial results, and win new business. In terms of their qualities, you will again be asked to provide a rating based on their integrity, their ability to be a team player, how much they are seen as a 'Champion of Change,' how they coach others, and how they continually learn. You will then be asked to calculate an average.

2. Career Potential
This step entails choosing the level at which the candidate may reach in the next 2 years if the current performance rate is maintained. Dropdown box provided.

In this step, you are asked to comment on the employee's strengths and opportunities.

4. Talent Pool
You are asked to create a selective talent pool, taking care to consider only the top 30% of all of your organization's leadership talent.

5. Selection
The leader will be placed in one of three categories: Unassigned, High Potential, High Professional

6. High Potential Nominations
Employees are selected for up to 3 high potential talent pools.

7. High Professional Nominations
Individuals that were not nominated for a high potential pool may be nominated for 1 high professional pool.

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