Professional Cap Table Excel Template

Professional Cap Table Excel Template

Lawyer level quality Excel Cap table template for investors or startup founders

Original Best Practice:  Ultimate Startup Cap Table and Return Analysis Excel Template  by Alexander Jarvis

Whether you are an investor or founder, you need to have a cap table to manage the who owns what.

There are a lot of simple cap tables around; I know as my free one is the best of them. But the moment you want to do anything more complicated, they're totally pointless.

This is the most extensive cap table available. I wouldn't have built it if someone else had.

The model is extensively integrated across sheets and support formulas (including checks) are everywhere possible.

There is a unique ledger style which enables you to record each and every transaction that is made, so you can go from a very basic table to lawyer level complicated.

Included is a returns analysis for both individuals and on a class of share basis.

There are 9 sheets for preference shares, so you can track 9 classes of shares (From Series A to series I).

Sheets are provided for ESOP (RSU, ISO and NSO), Common, Preference, Warrants and Convertible notes. Conversion of notes etc are all automated (Every formula is made, even for concepts you may not know of).

There is very little pragmatic training material on cap tables on the internet.

You can subscribe to get a 14 day, 11,000 word course here which will intro you to cap tables and take you sheet by sheet:

This is a template not legal advice.

This Best Practice includes
2 Excel sheets (Template and blank version)

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-> Professionally manage the cap table of your company and analyse the returns profile from founding to series-I

-> Works on Mac and PC. Recommend PC.

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