Innovate or Die: a Menu of Essential Innovation Tactics
Originally published: 06/11/2020 14:46
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Innovate or Die: a Menu of Essential Innovation Tactics

Tom J. Peters gives us a detailed list of 121 tactics to help you stay innovating.

"Recession or no recession, deep recession or not, the challenge to add more and more value grows, and the importance of innovation, and a culture of innovation, grows exponentially".

This PDF document is a part of Tom's collection on Innovation, it marks the starting point of his multimedia collection on the theme. Tom Peters gives us a list of his 121 tactics for innovation in this detailed menu.

What's this PDF about?
Tom Peters reminds us that the pace of change in today's society is unprecedented and staggering. From AI and robots, to the internet and nanotechnology, our innovation and progress is changing the world for better (or worse). Our jobs can be augmented by technology or taken over entirely, so it is essential to keep innovating continuously to keep up with the changing times.

Tom outlines various tactics of innovation in this PDF, here are a few to start with:
- Trying and failing
- Doing things and discussing them later
- Failure is key to success
- Discipline and accountability
- We are who we hang out with
- Diversity
- Celebrate
- Love angry customers

Download Tom Peters' PDF to discover all of his tactics and quotes to live by to cultivate a culture of innovation.

About the Author
Tom J. Peters is the co-author of In Search of Excellence, the business book that changed the world.
Check out his latest book is The Little Big Things: 163 Ways to Pursue Excellence

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