SAAS Financial Model Excel Template
Originally published: 27/06/2019 07:04
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SAAS Financial Model Excel Template

The SaaS Financial Model provides a comprehensive way to derive a 5-year financial plan for an early-stage SaaS Company

The SaaS (Software as a Service) Financial Model provides a comprehensive way to derive a 5-year financial plan for an early-stage SaaS company with both low-touch and field sales channels. The spreadsheet is largely self-explanatory but comments have been included to help the user to better understand the model.

Highlights of the financial model template:

• Executive Summary of key charts, key metrics, and key assumptions
• A very granular revenue Model
• Financial Statements (Monthly and Yearly) – Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement
• Six tiers of subscription pricing. By default the model is populated with three tiers subscription with different length contract and payment frequency but in reality, each plan is completely independent from the others;
• Ability to define different payment terms upfront (1 year, 1 month or 3 months)
• Deferred revenue recognition model
• Basic Cap Table
• Debt schedule which models loans and convertible notes
• Amortization schedule for Intangibles and fixed assets Capex and amortization/Depreciation
• Valuation of the SaaS Business via the Discounted Free Cash Flow (DCF) Analysis
• Automatic Hiring Plan

Key Metrics
• Number of Subscribers per plan
• Average Revenue Per Users (ARPU)
• Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
• Monthly Recurring Revenues (MRR)
• Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)
• Annual Contract Value (ACV)
• Total Contract Value (TCV)
• Saas Magic Number
• Billings
• Booking
• Customer acquisition Costs (CAC)
• CAC Payback (in Months)
• Cash Burn Rate
• Runway Cash
• etc

Template Structure
• Instructions
• Main Assumptions
• Staff Headcount and Wages
• Sales Force Economics
• Other Costs – Non-payroll costs
• Set up Costs & Capex
• Basic CAP Table
• Revenue Model
• Monthly financial Projections
• Yearly financial Projections
• Summary
• Saas Charts

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Further information

The Goal of this model is to create an easy way for anyone to model a multi tier SaaS business and access it’s feasibility.

A business subscription model that has multiple pricing tiers with different contract lengths, payment frequency

A non Saas Business

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