Three Statement Financial Model Excel Template
Originally published: 19/07/2019 10:52
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Three Statement Financial Model Excel Template

This is a starting template for a three statement corporate forecasting model in Excel.

The model has a monthly timeline with the statements presented both monthly and annually.

The model includes functionality to receive historic values in financial statement format, which are then combined with forecast values before being presented on the model's outputs.

The model is complete to Gross Profit and provides the three statement structure and a framework for creating a full corporate forecasting model tailored to your particular business. Existing calculations (set out below) can be easily copied and reused to generate your own bespoke calculations:

- Timeline set up (monthly and financial years),
- Modelling time with flags and counters,
- Escalation,
- Growth and seasonality,
- Payments/receipts that do not align with the timeline,
- Combination of historic and forecast values,
- Calculation of balance sheet items,
- Summarising monthly IS/BS/CF into annual FY values.

User documentation is included to give an overview of the model's purpose and its structure. The 'Guide!' sheet also provides details of the colours and formats that have been applied through the model to aid the user.

A dashboard has been incorporated that facilitates an 'at a glance' analysis of Gross Profit, together with functionality to sensitise the model for growth assumptions.

The model applies generally accepted financial modelling best practices as well as the FAST standard ( ).

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