Restaurant / Take-away Business Model & Business Plan Template - 10-year Three Statement Analysis
Originally published: 28/03/2022 12:11
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Restaurant / Take-away Business Model & Business Plan Template - 10-year Three Statement Analysis

This 10-year Restaurant Business Model includes a Business Plan Template

This 10-year Financial Model with three statement analysis also includes a Business Plan Template which is fantastic for presentations and raising funding. The Restaurant Business model is also suitable for Take-away types as well as a Franchisee Model. This 10-year Model includes a Business Plan with automated Financial Data imports from the Financial Model. The Model produces three statement analyses, product by product analysis on 200 separately costed menu items, valuations and a dashboard. The Valuation/Exit value at each cycle makes use of a PE: RATIO and estimated Capital Gains Tax payable on the Goodwill amount dependent on your input data. The Business Plan Template includes the basic headings for your written input, and imports certain financial data from the Model into the Plan to save you time. We make use of NPV, IRR, MIRR and other relevant KPIs. The product by product analysis includes a ranking system according to the contribution that each item makes to the bottom line, as well as GP% and Mark-up%. You will find this model and plan extremely easy to navigate and this may be used to raise capital or attract partners. We recommend that you perform the automated Business Model before the Business Plan. In this way, you are sure to dovetail your plan and forecast with the Cash Flow Statements, Income Statements and Balance Sheets. The Model will calculate your minimum turnover requirements amongst other important information and the dashboard adds to a visual understanding of how the Restaurant will perform based on your forecasting data and inputs. Changing Menu items are really easy as each item on the menu has a provision for detailed costing of ingredients. The Loan Amortization schedule and depreciation of assets are another important feature of the Model which allows for realistic overviews as well as how well the Business is able to absorb funding costs. Your business plan with the business financial model will make this one of the more comprehensive and understandable excel templates on the market. By this we mean, that if you are a restauranteur and not a financial person, the model will still be highly beneficial to analyse your various menu items and quickly identify where changes are needed.

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The objective of this Financial Model template is to combine the analysis with a business plan and save the user plenty of time. You are able to analyse each and every single menu item and what they contribute individually to the success of the business. This is a fantastic tool for funders and investors alike.

This model applies best to the user who would like to plan the financial forecasting of a restaurant or take-away and with confidence analyse the financial results.

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