The Basics of Financial Modelling
  • The Basics of Financial Modelling
  • The Basics of Financial Modelling
  • The Basics of Financial Modelling
Originally published: 29/05/2018 14:40
Publication number: ELQ-37324-1
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The Basics of Financial Modelling

This video offers a brief overview of the key, basic elements of financial modelling.

This is a short and simple video explanation of the fundamental aspects of financial modelling. Following the rules outlined in this video will allow you to enhance your own modelling skills and become a better financial modeller.

The video sets out a series of key rules and pieces of advice to follow when creating financial models. Following these steps will make sure that you create effective and efficient models, that work well for their users.

Furthermore, this video will help you to create models that not only work efficiently, but look good and are simple to use.

These steps are simple and easy to foll:ow but will enhance your models and your modelling skills greatly.

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