VWAP Template Calculator Excel Model (Volume Weighted Average Price)
Originally published: 17/10/2017 14:09
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VWAP Template Calculator Excel Model (Volume Weighted Average Price)

Simple, ready-to-use VWAP template calculator.

By simply exporting prices and volume you'll be able to work out a company's historic trading bands.

What do you use VWAP for?
You can use VWAP for many things, but usually for trading.

It can be used as a trading signal for the right time to purchase.

Sometimes used by institutional investors to work out whether a certain trade was at a good or a bad price.

Used by ECM teams when liaising with clients during general coverage and issuances.

In Mergers and Acquisitions, the Volume-Weighted Average Price is commonly used to work out the premiums that were paid throughout an acquisition.
You'll also find some rules surrounding 'stakebuilding,' which needs to use this number to find out the prices you have to pay. (See 'best price rule.')
In compulsory offers, the price being offered has to be minimum equal to the 60 days VWAP or the maximum price that was paid in exchange for the securities of the company targeted by whomever is offering in the year previous to the offer- whichever is the highest. (See 'minimum price rule.')
As a result, in the case that the bidder offers a larger amount of money previous to or outside of the offer, it's compulsory that you have to offer this higher price in its public tender offer.

I've only ever had to calculate VWAP when evaluating possible targets and to get an idea of the general trading price and market cap so that I could work out a standard enterprise value before going deeper.

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