Sources and Use & Runway Excel Calculator
Originally published: 21/11/2017 10:39
Last version published: 19/10/2018 10:29
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Sources and Use & Runway Excel Calculator

Helping you work out your runway and how much investment you need to raise.

When pitching to VC's, its common as a founder to be asking yourself: how much investment do I actually need? What is my runway? What charts do I need to display on the sources and use page? When am I going to run out of cash? These questions are what this tool will help you with, and it doesn't take a whole lot of work either.

This sheet has been made to accommodate two different types of businesses: ecommerce and SaaS. It can also be adjusted to suit your business model. It has four sheets in total; two for each business model. One is detailed and one is short.

In the detailed section of the SaaS tab, there are a variety of metrics, such as Use of Funds, and Total Cost vs. Billings and MRR, accompanied by clear, aesthetically pleasing data graphs.

In the simple SaaS tab, you have the same functions, however, it is suited to those with data already calculated. The user is able to directly input their data.

The Ecommerce detailed and simple tabs follow much of the same format.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to start a discussion below. To access more models and ready-to-use downloads, please visit my channel page.

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