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Download Budget vs Actual Excel Template. Make smart budget versus actual analysis with Excel Budget Spreadsheet

Download free Budget vs Actual Excel Template. Make fast and smart budget versus actual analysis with Excel Budget Spreadsheet

Most small businesses and startups ignore budgeting. The owner usually goes with the flow, receives some results every month, and doesn’t think about the financial strategy. But knowing your budget numbers and comparing it with actuals is extremely important for small businesses. The correct financial planning of future revenues and expenses brings success. So, what do you need to plan your budget efficiently?

It’s not rocket science to compare budget versus actual in excel template, but we have something special for you! FinmodelsLab created a nicely designed excel budget spreadsheet, which will help you to illustrate movements of core financial indicators during the year.

Our new Actual vs Budget Excel Template spreadsheet has been created along with your business in mind. This template will offer assistance to take the headache out of allocating funds and checking company budgeting. Set the income and cost categories that your company uses and start filling in your budget information. With budget vs. actual excel template and its easy-to-interpret layout, business owners and directors can rapidly assess their financial situation and share the data with their teams.

Key Features of the Budget vs Actual Excel Template:

- Track budget vs actuals by month and by Income and Expense categories
- 20 lines of Income / Expense Categories
- Forecast Income and Expense for 12 Month
- The smooth dashboard can be effortlessly interpreted for quick decision-making
- View data for a month to month and annually totals
- Visualize budget versus actual outcomes with easy-to-interpret charts
- Quickly and effectively communicate with your staff, creating more prominent worker involvement
- Track month to month budget versus actual data side-by-side to effectively pinpoint vital budget adjustments.

With budget vs actuals excel template you can:

- Compare year to date income with forecasted — per category or item
- Compare YTD planned and actual expenses — per cost
- Check the absolute variance or as a percentage: calculated automatically and displayed in the dashboard
- Track core financial KPIs YTD performance and compare it with the budget
- Improve spending control and accountability
- Spot trends—positive and negative
- Help managers and investors predict the future performance of the business
- All in one performance dashboard, easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet.

• About us

Do you need a cash flow projection for your business? Or are you looking for an ideal template to prepare your cash flow statement? Whether you are an intending business owner or you have started your business, we are here to simplify your financial recording.

Welcome to Finmodelslab.

• Who we are

We are a financial modelling company set up for small and large business owners. We specialize in financial modelling and dashboards. Our model comes in varying style. Most times we create a customized projection to meet the specific needs of our customers business.

Believe us when we say our financial designs are simply unique and efficient.

• Our Promise

Finmodelslab promises to make it easy for people to keep up with cash flow statements and cash flow projections with its efficient and simple designs. Ultimately, we simplify your financial recording process.

With unique and creative designs, Finmodelslab promises to help every business owner to maximize their profit and keep good records of their cash flow. We also provide step by step guide on how to use any templates purchased from us.

Let’s help you take your business to a new height of profitability

• Who We Serve

Cash flow projection helps one to preempt potential business shortfalls. Therefore, we are here to provide cash flow dashboards to help you keep track of your business. Take a look at our financial models and dashboards collection, and you would be convinced about our quality.

Welcome once again to your unique financial model store. Welcome to Finmodelslab!

- Henry Sheykin

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