Consultant Bid Scoring Sheet
Originally published: 18/03/2020 15:43
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Consultant Bid Scoring Sheet

This spreadsheet aims to help in the selection of any contractor, consultant or any sort if biding process.

This spreadsheet can be used while evaluating offers received from consultants, individuals or firms.

This is done by answering 8 questions directly in the sheet which will assess both the technical and financial offer.

You can evaluate up to 5 offers.

After entering the general information about the offer, the name of consultants, the name of the elevator, you are asked to assign a weight to indicate your evaluation of the relative importance of the technical offer versus the commercial offer. For example if you put 50%, this means you give equal importance to the technical and commercial offer.

Then you are asked to give weights to different elements of the below technical proposal.
·          Approach & Methodology
·          Scope i.t.o. TOR requirements
·          General qualification and suitability
·          Company credibility
·          Previous projects & experience in the region
·          Company experience i.t.o. TOR requirements
·          Team member experience & team size

Last questions deals with the aspects of the commercial offer. You need to enter the price and the delivery time of each offer.

Once you have entered the required information, then the name of the recommended consultant will appear in the summary sheet.

Three charts will also populate the ranking of each of the bidder in terms of they technical, financial and the overall evaluation.

I would be happy hear your thoughts on the bud evaluation sheet.

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Further information

This spreadsheet aims to help in the selection of any contractor, consultant or any sort if biding process.


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