Data analysis & dynamic reporting for cloud accounting Xero and QBO using Excel
Originally published: 28/03/2019 08:06
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Data analysis & dynamic reporting for cloud accounting Xero and QBO using Excel

USING EXCEL TO AUTOMATE PROCESS IN XERO AND QBO? YES YOU CAN Using DataDear you are able to both pull and push data.

Despite all the predictions of its imminent demise,

Excel is still the best and most flexible tool used in the accounting industry. The arrival of cloud accounting software has increased its usefulness by automating mostly manual processes using two-way syncing with Xero and QuickBooks Online.

Discover the massive productivity gains that Excel can bring to any modern firm or analyst working with cloud accounting packages.

Find out the fastest way to set up a new client in Xero or QuickBooks Online

Learn how to post journals into cloud accounting software from spreadsheets

Refresh the pivot table with data from Xero to enable the slicers such as tracking categories for a smart P&L - suitable for single organisations and for consolidation of a group of companies.

The use of Cloud accounting has also enabled the greater use of Excel and the ability to both push and pull data to and from the cloud will have significant productivity gains for any firm wanted to leverage an scale their processes.

There is no need to really go out and purchase any other app out there as you can customise your own reports (unlike most of the other apps), share the content in a pdf, powerpoint or Excel file directly with your client or your boss.

The solutions are endless when using Excel, cloud accounting and DataDear.

This Best Practice includes
1. Powerpoint slides 2. Excel report 3. Video demonstration

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To educate the on the possibility of Automation within Excel using a powerful Add-In called DataDear including push and pull capabiilty for cloud accounting packages Xero and QBO. Raise awareness that Excel can be supercharged with Add-In tech like DataDear.

Anyone supporting or using Xero or QBO data for accounting, reporting or even financial modeling purposes. It also enables those needing to onboard new clients, change chart of accounts or post journals in an automated.

This is just one of the many templates available. The attached is the management reporting template which Model Citizn has further adapted and enhanced for dynamic pivot chart and slicers for reporting.

Any other non-cloud or other cloud based accounting packages outside of Xero and QBO.



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