IB (Investment Banking) Pitchbook Template
Originally published: 19/10/2018 15:50
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IB (Investment Banking) Pitchbook Template

This IB (Investment Banking) Pitchbook Template is the perfect tool for a valuation analysis of a company

This IB Pitchbook Template from CFI is a fantastic tool for presenting a valuation analysis of a corporation.

An IB (Investment Banking) Pitchbook is used, and often constructed, by Investment Banks to aid in the selling of products and services. Therefore, it can be a tool for generating new clients. This Powerpoint template is user-friendly and includes excellent guidance to assist you.

The Pitchbook is divided into key sections.

I. Company Overview
This section includes the fundamental operational and ownership aspects of the business. For example, there is an operating forecast and shareholder analysis.

II. Industry Overview
This is where an insight into the competition is presented. It is fundamental in Merger and Acquisition (M&A) transaction discussions that a picture is drawn up of the competitive environment in which the company operates.

III. Valuation
Generally speaking, this is the most important aspect of an Investment Banking Pitchbook. Knowing how the share price has behaved thus far, as well as how it is predicted to react, is vitally important. By analysing similar companies, forecasts can be calculated and then presented here.

IV. Transaction Opportunities
This is where the recommendations are proposed and a strategic review is conducted.

V. Team Overview
The Investment Banking Deal Term and Deal Tombstones are submitted here.

Overall, this is the complete IB Pitchbook. It will certainly enable you to conduct your own full review of a chosen company.

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