Digital Marketing KPI Dashboard Excel Template
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Digital Marketing KPI Dashboard Excel Template

This Digital Marketing KPI Dashboard is a great tool for producing digestible reports on marketing campaigns.

This Digital Marketing KPI Dashboard by Someka is a great tool for producing detailed reports on the performances of a marketing campaign.

With digital marketing, it is important to be able to evaluate whether a campaign is hitting its predicted targets. To do this, the data that is revealed from an evaluation must be transformed into a consumable medium. After all, marketing is about achieving better statistics.

One of the difficulties of analyzing marketing data is knowing which KPIs to include. Someka has taken the liberty of uploading the 38 most common performance indicators for digital marketing analysis to this Excel model. They have been organized into 5 main groups:

1. Lead Generation

2. Website & Traffic Metrics

3. SEO Optimization

4. Paid Advertising

5. Social Media Tracking

The user is not, however, limited by these metrics, and is free to upload his/her own.

Once these metrics have been chosen, goals can be set for the team. The dashboard makes it easy to compare past results, present trends, and future targets. In addition, the following features are included:

- Digital Marketing insights and KPIs
- ‘At a Glance’ Trend Charting
- Comparison of Past/Actual Target Values
- 30-day and Running Cumulative Breakdowns

The accompanying video offers a quick and simple tutorial of how to navigate the Excel Model.

This KPI Dashboard is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2007 and later versions.

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel Spreadsheet, 1 YouTube Video

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