3 Statement Financial Model (DEMO)
Originally published: 14/11/2019 18:20
Last version published: 16/11/2019 02:38
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3 Statement Financial Model (DEMO)

Three-statement financial model including Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flows. Also includes DCF valuation.

NOTE: An UNLOCKED version of this model can be purchased at: https://www.eloquens.com/tool/RyrNTweg/finance/three-statement-financial-models/3-statement-financial-model-unlocked

Forecasting can be arduous.
This powerful financial software makes it easy:
• Modular: Excel & Access files integrate w/any server
• Intuitive: color-coded templates yield Pro Formas & actionable exhibits
• Secure: permissions safeguard data & structural integrity

Modular, intuitive, and secure, this forecast template contains a set of integrated Pro Forma Financial Statements. Each element of the Income Statement is represented in a separate tab, such as Payroll, Operating Expense, & Depreciation. The Balance Sheet’s constituents also have their own tabs, such as Equity, Debt, & Capital Expense.

The Model contains, if not a separate tab for Valuation, a Free Cash Flow calculation below Net Income, which easily be factored into an NPV.

Value propositions:
1. COMPANY: save on costly platforms & seat licenses
2. BOARD: greater financial transparency
3. CFO: lower Forecast risk in quarterly guidance
4. FP&A: quantify each driver’s effect on Forecast
5. USERS: work w/actual data, not canned reports

Built by an Excel Virtuoso with a finance background:
• MBA (Northwestern); BS Finance (Berkeley); Business Analyst (McKinsey)
• 12 years consulting (financial models, CRM tools, data analysis)
• 4 years corporate finance + 1 year at micro-cap hedge fund
• 5 years Adjunct Finance Professor at 2 universities

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