Food & Beverage/Restaurant/Bar/Coffee Shop Forecast Financial Excel Model
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Food & Beverage/Restaurant/Bar/Coffee Shop Forecast Financial Excel Model

A super fast food & beverage Profit and Loss (P&L) & Forecast Financial Model for the Business Owner & Manager.

Fully editable, unlocked & working excel file.

Fastest restaurant viability tool includes a P&L 1st year, extremely comprehensive and very simple and fast to use.

Show us a better one and we will improve it for you, free

1 simple how to
2 P&L complete with monthly breakdown
3 ROSTER with full salary breakdown with and without loaded costs, hourly with total shift breakdowns

The P&L Templates will give you ideas and a starting point for designing your own "industry standard" P&L.

It's been said that the P&L is the single most important control in managing a restaurant. A P&L represents the end result of all your efforts from marketing to operations to cost control. It tells you if you're making progress or falling further behind. The P&L should also tell you where your problems are and where to focus your attention.

The Sample P&L Templates will give you ideas and a starting point for designing your own P&L. The better your numbers are presented, the more information you get and the better chance you have of understanding how your restaurant is performing.

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The Dr Hospitality team provides private and corporate clients alike with F&B consultancy, project management and brand management services, as well as turnkey and bespoke restaurant concepts solutions.

Our strategy consists in adopting a multidimensional approach to any set situation. We do not only take into account the local and global customer trends but as well as the elements pertaining to the social economic, commercial and logistic environment.

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Quick analysis of the viability of a restaurant, bar or coffee shop concept, P&L, ROSTER for staff

Updated version of Excel suggested however will work on all

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