Gym Financial Projections Excel Model Template
Originally published: 26/09/2018 13:41
Last version published: 19/03/2021 08:13
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Gym Financial Projections Excel Model Template

This spreadsheet offers a detailed and clear financial projections model template for a gym under 3 different scenarios.

This Gym Financial Projections model, created by Mahender Kumar Punhani, is presented in an Excel Spreadsheet. It offers an in-depth tool for one to use when attempting to forecast the financial data of a gym or activity business.

This tool will be useful for those who want a ready-to-use downloadable tool that can assess many different financial aspects of the future viability of a gym.

There are a range of factors that have been included in this Gym Financial Projection Model, some of which include:

- The Balance Sheet: starting from Month 1 to Month 60 (end of Year 5)

- Assumptions: This ranges from timing assumptions, class timings, class sizes, instructor pay per class, session revenue, salary assumptions and operating expenses assumptions.

- Exit valuation and IRR

- Yearly summaries (including graph)

- Summary tables for income, balance sheets and cash flow statement

- Ratios: stating the profitability and return ratios, activity ratios, and liquidity and leverage ratios.

- Income statement: Including revenue, gross profit and operating expenses.

- Cash Flow statement: comprised of the cash outflows and cash inflows with cash sales and collection from receivables, raising of current borrowings, raising of long-term loan, owner investment and investor investment.

- Depreciation Schedule

- Revenue and cost of revenue

- Personal forecast

- Investments and Financing

- Investor Cap Table

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