Financial Analysis Template
Originally published: 16/02/2020 17:38
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Financial Analysis Template

Financial Analysis Template - 70 Financial Ratios to asses a companies financial health

Financial analysis is used to evaluate economic trends, set financial policy, build long-term plans for business activity, and identify projects or companies for investment. This is done through the synthesis of financial numbers and data.

The template uses a bottom-up approach. It helps user to looks at a specific company and conducts ratio analysis by looking at past performance and expected future performance as investment indicators. These indicators include a company's overall financial health, analysis of financial statements, and other individual indicators of corporate performance over time.

This a user friendly template where user can input certain financial data of a company and can generate over 70 Financial Ratios grouped under 12 heads :

1. Valuation Ratios (P/E, P/FCFF, P/BV, EV/EBITDA, EV/EBIT & more)
2. Per Share Data (EPS, BPS, DPS, FCFF, FCFE & more)
3. Margin Ratios (Gross, EBITDA, EBIT, PBT & PAT)
4. Return Ratios (RoCE, RoE, RoA)
5. DuPont Analysis
6. Growth Metrics (Revenue Growth, EBITDA Growth, EBIT Growth & More)
7. Gearing Ratios (Gross Debt/Assets, Gross & Net Gearing, Financial Leverage & More)
8. Liquidity Ratios (Cash, Current & Quick Ratio)
9. Coverage Ratios (EBIT / Gross Interest, Cash Interest Cover (EBITDA / Interest Paid), Average Gross Debt / EBITDA, EBITDA / Net Interest & More)
10. Activity Ratios (Inventory Turnover, Receivable Turnover & Payable Turnover)
11. Investment Ratios (Operating Cash Flow / EBIT, Capital Expenditure / Revenue and Capital Expenditure / Depreciation)
12. Enterprise Value

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Perform Financial Analysis and understand the financial health of a company

Perform Financial Analysis and understand the financial health of a company


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