How to Create a Real Estate Marketing Report with Sample Template

Measure the following 8 metrics to track the success of your marketing performance and learn to build a marketing report

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Measuring your digital marketing performance is a key aspect to understand the real impact on your real estate sales or lease-up efforts.

If you have already designed an online listing or a real estate website for your property, then tracking results is much simpler and the logic is easy to comprehend.

More visits translates to more leads, just like more leads lead to more sales and more sales lead to more commissions.

With the great variety of potential metrics and online marketing channels you can measure, it isn’t easy to decide which ones are relevant. So, we have brought it down to the 8 most critical real estate marketing metrics.

This is not a comprehensive list but rather a few of the metrics we feel are key to the end result: signed deals.

Whether a report is tracked on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, the key is to begin somewhere where.

Bonus: below you can find

1. free sample marketing report template, which includes instructions, graphs, pivot tables and data worksheets.

2. An online methodology that explains the 8 most critical real estate marketing metrics.

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