Enterprise SaaS and SME/Consumer Fundraising Excel Model
Originally published: 08/09/2017 15:27
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Enterprise SaaS and SME/Consumer Fundraising Excel Model

For large, complex SaaS companies with enterprise, consumer and SME customers looking to fundraise.

To be clear, there is NO consulting licence.

Features highly granular revenue forecasting with monthly cohort level modeling. A full stack of marketing options drive leads/registrations for consumer and SME customers. Forecast enterprise clients down to a product basis and magically observe the exact month revenue will come according to payment schedules. 5 years (60 months) of detailed P&L for actual, forecast and combined, as well as cash based analysis. Manually plan out your hiring of staff and automate sales and support staff depending on how you scale. Charts, KPIs, all your COGS mapped out. Unique source and use sheet illustrates your plan for your pitch deck. And a lot more…

Are you a complex SaaS company with both enterprise and consumer/SME offerings to disparate customers?

As the CEO or CFO are you wondering how the hell you can model all this for your fundraising?

You should be concerned… because it’s hard as hell. Trust me. Sure, you might find a normal SME model, but enterprise? Forget it. I know, because I had to do it myself. Well, actually your business model is so complex, I have made models for different SaaS business models and pulled them all together to achieve this maxed out version.

I’m an ex-M&A banker and VC, and I’ve literally spent months of 100 hour weeks modelling to be able to make this model available to you. Just the enterprise revenue forecasting aspect took me a solid month. I was paid $15k to do it whilst raising a $20m round. Paying someone to make this whole model will easily cost you $50k (If you could find someone). There’s just so much involved in it.

I don’t build these models for kids, it’s for pros. There are a granular assumptions and you need to understand key details of your business (including sales cycles etc). But. You can achieve very impressive things with it!

This is the only model on the internet which can serve all your needs SaaS needs. If someone had built it before, I sure as hell would not have taken the very deep pain to do so.

The 50Folds Enterprise, consumer and SME SaaS financial model is the most comprehensive and powerful fundraising excel model available for SaaS founders. Nothing else comes close. If you are looking to impress investors with a thoughtful plan, this is it.

If you truly want to understand your operations in detail, then download it now.

Are you running a large company and don’t have the time, but want the results? No stress. We’ll build it for you.

This model comes with a free hour of consulting to help you get the most out of it.

Below we will look at the high level features of the model, screen shots on each sheet, there’s a video on each of the sheets (coming soon!) and some further descriptions. There is also a benchmarks SlideShare I have added on all your key metrics.

Kindly note this price is low just for founders raising. If you need models for a professional reason, please reach out regarding licensing at help@alexanderjarvis.com. or send me a private message through Eloquens on my profile here: https://www.eloquens.com/profile/alexander-jarvis

If you have questions about the model, feel free to ask.

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Further information

Fundraise for an enterprise SaaS company

-> You sell big tickets to clients (This is the only enterprise model on the internet)
-> You have a normal SaaS model too
-> You are currently Fundraising
-> You need an Operational model
-> You are a SaaS Business

-> If you do not understand SaaS well
Editors note: in that case learn about SaaS here: https://www.eloquens.com/category/startups/software-as-a-service-saas

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