E-commerce Financial Model
Originally published: 26/01/2021 10:30
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E-commerce Financial Model

Financial projection model in excel for 5-year projections e-commerce start-up

This excel sheet for a start-up e-commerce financial model contains the following 12 tabs:

1. Index = It contains links to all the sheets in the model, tabs color coding and cells color coding.

2. Summary = The sheet contains yearwise key performance metrics like average order value, conversions, CLTV, CAC, CLTV/CAC, number of new and repeat order. This sheet also shows key financial metrics like revenue, gross margin, contribution margin, EBITDA and Net Profit.

3. Dashboard = This contains graphs for KPIs like no. of clicks, conversion, cost per conversion, average cost per click. The graphs also show revenue break-up, EBITDA, Net Income and profitability rations.

4. Revenue & COGS Assumptions = The various assumptions like CPM, CTR, conversion rate, revenue mix etc. for revenue are included.

5. Other Assumptions: The assumptions for direct expenses, S,G&A, staffing costs, working capital, start-up expenses, funding, income tax rate can be changed here.

6. Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement : These are 3 interlinked key financial statements for the projections. These are 5-year monthly statements rolling into annual.

7. Investor Cap Table : Shows funding and shareholding upto Series D.

8. Revenue & COGS Projections, Capex and Staffing : Detailed calculation for these revenue, COGS, Capex and Staffing are included in these tabs.

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Further information

To help e-commerce start-up in preparing financial statements to be presented to investors

If you want a 5-year monthly financial forecast for your start-up and want to see various KPIs and financial metrics.

The model by need to be customized depending upon the business model.

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