Industrial Acquisition Financial Model
Originally published: 25/04/2020 08:20
Last version published: 15/06/2020 09:52
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Industrial Acquisition Financial Model

Office Acquisition/ Industrial Acquisition Financial Model for Download

This model is suitable for investors looking at office or industrial acquisition projects. Or it might also serve analysts or prospective analysts looking to improve their modeling skills.

The model is fully dynamic and allows for a full analysis of a potential office acquisition. Filling in all the dynamic inputs for the analysis takes less than 10 minutes.

The contents are as follows:
- Assumptions Tab: flexible acquisition and exit dates, mortgage financing assumptions, re-financing assumptions, acquisition costs, and sale costs assumptions. Exit value for the property is calculated automatically based on NOI for a period and cap rate you assume in your projection.
- Dashboard Tab: Includes 10 years of monthly cash flow, a summary of costs and revenues, 2 charts and main metrics summary: IRR, Equity Multiple, Profit Margin, Net Profit, DSCR, Debt Yield, Operating Margin, Cash on Cash.
- Annual Cash Flow: includes operating revenues, operating costs, NOI, capital costs, debt service, and net income.
- Monthly Cash Flow.
- Flexible Rent Roll with both lease-up assumptions and rollover assumptions. Rent Roll section calculates lease-up costs, rollover costs, and downtime caused by the rollover.
- Project Financing with senior debt amortization and re-financing option.

The best features of this model are its polished presentable dashboard as well as well developed dynamic rent roll, which allows you to project rollover for a property for the whole. With this kind of model purchasing pricey ARGUS license is simply not needed.

Shall you have any suggestions for upgrading or adjusting my models so that they suit you and my audience better, please let me know.

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Further information

Financial analysis of an office or industrial investment property.

Analysis of an office or industrial property.

The model will not work for a development opportunity. Only acquisition projects.

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