Dashboard School Excel Model Template
Originally published: 08/01/2019 14:10
Last version published: 26/04/2019 15:17
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Dashboard School Excel Model Template

This is a well designed KPI Dashboard which includes important metrics for an educational organisation.

This is an easy to use Key Performance Indicator Dashboard to measure certain metrics for a school.

This tool is available to download instantly and is ready to use.

KPI Dashboards are a crucial resource for analysing the success of your organization, and assessing certain aspects of performance.

This particular KPI offers performance indication of a school. It contains a clear dashboard that displays the following key metrics:

- Productive Hours Ratio

- Retention Ratio

- Staff Development Ratio

These metrics are presented with colourful graphics, and can be sorted by quarter.

There are four tabs in this excel spreadsheet, these are:

- Dashboard: Showing the performance in a simple, yet clear presentation of performance.

- Data: This shows the data for the indicators in a simple format.

- Working: This section of the excel spreadsheet allows raw data to be input in order to calculate the performance results.

- Calculation

These sections are alterable, which allows the user to personalise this Excel spreadsheet to their individual school performance.

If you have any questions on this tool, do not hesitate to reach out by creating a discussion below, or messaging me directly via my author channel.

To find more models and tools, please visit my author channel.

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