Adsense Revenue Excel Calculator
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Adsense Revenue Excel Calculator

This Adsense Revenue Calculator is great for analysing the potential revenue of running an Adsense campaign.

This Adsense Revenue Calculator from Someka is a great Excel template for calculating the potential revenue likely to be obtained from an Adsense revenue.

Google Adsense is a program that allows owners of Google webpages to host automatic text, image, video, or other media as interactive advertisements. These adverts, often triggered by site cookies, are targeted to the content on the site and its audience.

This Excel model enables the user to work out the possible revenue that they could expect when using Adsense. Many metrics are used to make this estimation, including:

- Daily visitors
- Avg. page view per visit
- Ads per page
- CTR % (Click Through Rate)
- CPC $ (Cost per Click)

The template allows users to easily input their own data to work out whether a specific Adsense campaign might be worthwhile for them. The model produces an RPM (Revenue per thousand impressions), which is useful for comparing revenue across different channels. Moreover, the benchmark values are included for a comparison with industry averages.

The accompanying video concisely demonstrates the ease of entering one’s own data into the actionable cells. There is also a step-by-step methodology guide below.

This template, compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions, is ready-to-use and requires no additional installation. It is also print ready.

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