Apartment Rental Business Financial Projections Excel Model Template
Originally published: 08/01/2019 14:10
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Apartment Rental Business Financial Projections Excel Model Template

This is a high quality Excel spreadsheet template to help project the finances of your apartment rental business.

This is a very well detailed financial projections spreadsheet for an apartment rental business.

It is displayed in a clear format, ready-to-use and instantly downloadable.

There are a number of sections in this Excel spreadsheet, these include:

Summary: This gives access, via links, to the tabs in the spreadsheet, whilst also displaying 5 year projected financials and giving a summary of these financials in data form.

Assumptions: Revenue and Operating Expenses Assumptions, Office Operating Expenses Assumptions, Capex Assumptions, Financing Assumptions, Start-up expenses, One-time costs, Depreciation Assumptions, General Assumptions, Working Capital Assumptions, Office List.

Revenues, Booking Fees, and Transaction Fees

Investments and Financing: Start-up Expenses, Start-up Assets, Working Capital, Start-up Liabilities, Start-up Investments, and Start-up Funding.


Depreciation Schedule: Including things such as disposals and replacement.

Income Statement: Start-up and Operating Expenses and Revenue

Balance Sheet: Total Assets and Total Liabilities

Cash Flow Statement

Ratios: Profitability and Return Ratios, Activity Ratios, Liquidity and Leverage Ratios

Charts and Tables: The last section of this spreadsheet is a concise, yet clear display of the summaries. It includes a bar chart for the Financials, and a pie chart for the Funding. Additionally, it summarises the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement.

Investor Cap Table : Showing shareholding of founders and different investors. Also helps in calculating expected IRR to investors.

If you have any questions regarding this model, please do not hesitate to start a discussion below, or message me directly via my author channel.

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