Fundraising Excel Model: App & Social with Virality
Originally published: 16/03/2018 09:17
Last version published: 20/08/2021 08:37
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Fundraising Excel Model: App & Social with Virality

For early-growing startups, this financial model is for app social fundraising.

This is the only model of its kind online for app and social startups. It also includes a viral growth marketing model that is the most advanced model you will find online. With monthly cohort level modeling, it features a highly granular revenue forecasting. You'll find a whole pile of marketing options that ranges from paid to social, and even email drive sales. Cash based analysis and detailed Profit and Loss for actual, forecast and combined provided for 36 months. You'll be able to manually work out your hiring plan and, depending on how you scale, automate support staff. All COGS, KPIs, and charts mapped out for you. To plan your pitch deck you'll find a source and use sheet that's one of a kind.

If you need a model that is going to help you raise a substantial amount of money as a social app like Facebook or Snapchat, you will benefit from this professional model that is focused on apps. Its for startups distributed on Android and Apple stores that require some viral growth.

This app & social financial model is the most powerful and comprehensive excel model out there for founders. This plan will help you to impress investors.

Alexander Jarvis- as an ex M&A banker and a venture capitalist- has a wealth of experience building models for startups. It's a hard thing to do, and the process never really gets easier. This is why most other firms or people can charge over ten thousand dollars to build one for you. The problem with some of these models made by M&A guys, is that they don't make a lot of sense as they're not made with a comprehensive understanding of startups and how they work.

You should download this model if you're aiming to fully understand your startup's operations in detail.

If you're growing rapidly, need a model, have no time, but require the results? Alexander Jarvis has built the solution for you. It also comes with 20 minutes of consulting so that you can really benefit from it.

The price is low because it's made for founders who are fundraising. If you require models for professional reasons, you should contact Alexander through the platform or at
This is also in case you have any questions about the model.

This model includes 23 sheets, the contents of which you'll find to the left in the model screenshots.

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You sell on the Apple and Android stores
You need to add an element of virality to your business model

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