Mobile App Startup Excel Financial Model Template
Originally published: 27/08/2018 14:58
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Mobile App Startup Excel Financial Model Template

A complete mobile app startup financial model excel template for you to build your own from.

This is a very detailed and in depth financial model for modelling a mobile App Startup Business. It should be a useful tool to have during your business planning phase or when raising funds.

The model is made up of 13 functional tabs, allowing you to conduct a thorough analysis of your Mobile App Financial Model. These tabs are:

- Summary
- Market Size
- Income Statement (Q&Y)
- Assumptions
- Staffing
- Revenue
- Cost of Revenue & Op. Exp.
- Income Statement (M)
- Balance Sheet (Q&Y)
- Cash Flow Statement (M)
- Cash Flow Statement (Q&Y)
- Charts

The Summary tab provides you with a complete table along with 5 graphs representing:
- Sign Ups, Total Members and Active Users
- Total Revenue, Cost of Sales, Operating Expenses and EBITDA
- N° of members: Target Markets
- Market Size
- Revenue and Net Profit

This tab is a great way of quickly visualising your financial and operational performance.

The "Charts" tab represents:
- Your Total Revenue, Gross Profit, EBITDA and Net Profit
- Your Cash Balance and Equity

The detailed "assumptions" tab will list all the different numbers you will have to gather to populate the other tabs in the model.

Ultimately, this Excel spreadsheet offers the perfect template to model the finances of your Mobile App Startup.

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel Mobile App Financial Model

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