Cost Comparison Template
Originally published: 29/06/2021 09:41
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Cost Comparison Template

Compare your costs using unit-based, time-based, and weighted cost comparisons in Excel!

It is essential to ensure that various options are considered, due to the ever increasing number of sellers in the markets. Make more informed decisions and increase your business’ profitability by comparing the costs of multiple vendors in the marketplace.

Analyze and evaluate the best options for you with our cost comparison template. Compare costs between months, years, and analyze cost trends to make better informed decisions.

There are 6 sections included in this template

1) Dashboard
Specify the seller names, units and choose your currency for the template. You can choose if you’d like the lowest unit cost to be highlighted.

2) Weighted Cost Comparison
Here is where you can compare the total costs of items across various sellers, by inputting the quantity and unit of items and their prices.
You can view the total cost and determine the budget needed for the project, which will create a warning message if any of the sellers costs exceed the budget.

3) Unit-based cost comparison
Here you can compare the costs of items in varying amounts from different sellers.

4) Two-month cost comparison
Compare the cost of the same items across two months. Remember to select the seller name first and then compare the price changes of the same seller for the same item across the two months.

5) Vendor Based Bucket cost trend
Compare the changes in cost of the same bucket from the same seller on a monthly basis.

6) Item cost trend (Yearly)
This displays the changes in unit cost of an item over several years.

Cost Comparison Features Summary
• Compare the cost of the items from multiple sellers.
• Informational notes included.
• No installation needed, ready-to-use.
• Functional on both on Mac and Windows.
• Compatible with Excel versions 2010 and later.
• Does not include any VBA macros.

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