Advanced Share Market Technical Indicator Test Excel Model

Advanced Version of an Excel tool to help decide when to buy or sell shares using current data downloaded from Yahoo.

Original Tool:  Share Market Technical Indicator Test Excel Model  by Danny Saunders

Based on the original Share Market Technical Indicator Test, this advanced version includes a summary for up to 20 companies to be compared side by side. Also includes sector analysis for the selected companies.

By varying the different elements, Profit Target, Stop/Loss, Trailing Stop, SMA and EMA length, which Indicators, how many, etc, you can develop a strategy that can be conservative with less trades, or a higher risk with more trades.

The file uses the following Technical Indicators:
SMA, EMA, elements from the Ichimoku chart, SAR, MACD, Chaiken Oscillator and Relative Strength Index

By selecting or modifying up to 8 of these indicators you can test historical data from any security. The results of hypothetical trades will assist in creating a strategy to buy and sell at the optimum time. This will help limit any losses and maximise profits.

A number of charts are included to assist.

So if you understand technical indicators, but are unsure how to use them in your buy/sell decisions, this spreadsheet will help with those decisions.

Spend some time experimenting with the different variables, all will effect the results in some way. Download historical data for a different companies or ETF's or Indexes or even Currency, to further test your selections.

When you feel comfortable with the system, you can then use it to help you make your trading decisions.

This business tool includes
1 Excel Model

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To analyse various company securities to assist share market Buy and Sell decisions.


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