Discounted Cash Flow Excel Model Template
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Discounted Cash Flow Excel Model Template

1 click Macros enabled DCF Model which will help you to calculate the "Intrinsic value" of a company in India & NASDAQ.

This is an Excel based, macros enabled, financial model as per conservative investment approach.

The past 4 year actual data is used to forecast the next 4 year data and expected return. In this DCF model free cash flow has been calculated on the basis of future projections and forecasting. Then all those cash flows have been discounted by a rate which is determined by the WACC (Weighted average cost of capital) approach. The tool also considers the variations on projections, to some level, because projections don't guarantee a true estimate, so it will automatically calculate three scenario variations.

The model considers the following three most important factors in DCF valuations.

1. Terminal value
2. Perpetual Growth rate
3. EBITDA multiple

Above mention are three parameters which have been considered.

While using the tool you just have to insert your data in the "Blue" input cells and then click the button 'analyse'.

It will automatic download the data of that company from yahoo finance and afterwards It will auto calculate the terminal period value and enterprise value of the company.

In the last "scenarios" table you will find 3 scenarios which are here to consider the variations ups-downs, clearly showing the EBITDA multiple, company values at all levels.

The model has been prepared and modified as per my understandings and assumptions and according to my investment style. It doesn't guarantee you that it is an actual true verdict.

You can modify it to your convenience and it will provide you a clear understandings of DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) model.

Note: Limitation of this model is that it works best on those companies which have "free cash flow".

WHEN USING THE MODEL: Sheet is protected please use 121094 to open the file.

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel DCF (Discounted Cash Flows) Model

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