PESTLE Analysis Excel Template
Originally published: 26/07/2019 07:59
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PESTLE Analysis Excel Template

A method of assessing the state of an industry or market for a company to either enter or currently exist in

PESTLE Analysis describes a method of assessing the state of an industry or market for a company to either enter or currently exist in. PESTLE breaks-down into 6 different categories that can be used to seperate the different factors that an organisation needs to consider when evaluating an industry. The categories include:

Political: e.g Corruption, Stability and Foreign Trade. Political factors involve aspects of Government influence or policy that need to be considered by the organisation as they contribute to the industry and regulation.

Economic: e.g Inflation, Supply/Demand and Unemployment. Economic factors describe the trends in the current economy, the risks and potential sustained organisational success.

Sociological: e.g Lifestyle, Age and Income Distribution. Sociological factors describe demographics within the population that can illustrate key trends to see whether the selection of people is optimal to sustain a successful business.

Technology: e.g Innovation, Automation and Connectivity. Technological factors describe the trends and status of the market in relation to R&D, technology innovation and uptake and overall awareness.

Legal: e.g Employment, Consumer and Health Laws. Legal relates to the legislation that covers the industry/market that the organisation will be involved in. It is important to research of there are any differences that will clash with existing or planned practices.

Environmental: e.g Climate, Pollution and Recycling. Environmental factors relate to both the physical environment and the trends towards sustainability and corporate responsibility.

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