Franchise Restaurant Excel Financial Model Template
Originally published: 08/01/2019 15:19
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Franchise Restaurant Excel Financial Model Template

This is a an extremely detailed and thorough pro-forma spreadsheet for running your Franchise Restaurant.

This Franchise Restaurant Financial Model is the complete package for calculating, organising and forecasting your business’ finances. This Excel template is highly customisable and offers huge flexibility when taking account of every cost incurred when running a restaurant.

This model has 12 tabs, of which the following are included:
- Index =
- Dashboard
- Inputs
- Franchisee Sales Assumption
- Income Statement
- Balance Sheet
- Cash Flow Statement
_ Franchises Sales
- Investments & Financing
- Revenue & Cost of Revenue
- Personnel
- Capex
- Investor Cap Table

The Dashboard tab places the information into an easily digestible format so that the user can quickly notice the year on year growth at a quick glance. It includes the Revenues, Gross Profit, EBITDA, Net Profit, Cash & Bank Balance, and Equity.

This Franchise Restaurant financial model is the complete package, even including employee trackers and inventory investments. This will be helpful if you want to develop a financial projection model for a restaurant that want to growth through various franchise channels like kiosks, containers, shops etc. The model projects revenue, costs & profits of main restaurant as well as franchise units to calculate total revenue and profits of the busienss.

If you have any questions or require any guidance, feel free to reach out to me via the messenger.

This Best Practice includes
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