Real Estate Excel Financial Model Template
Originally published: 03/10/2018 09:40
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Real Estate Excel Financial Model Template

A detailed Real Estate Financial Model brought to you by CFI to help you successfully model your development project.

This Real Estate Financial Model template, brought to you by CFI, offers an in-depth Excel spreadsheet with which the viability of an investment into real estate can be determined.

Some of the main objectives of this model are to help users, whether they are investors, professional developers, surveyors, or others:
- value the project
- define property and building costs
- compare financing for general partners and limited partners
- manage and keep track of the costs of a project
- obtain lender finance
- to assess the rates of return.

There are multiple features within this Real Estate model, adding to the level of detail for users. These are:

- Assumptions & Drivers: This includes, among others, development dates, property statistics, development costs.

- Absorption, closing, costs

- Free Cash Flow

- Net Present Value (NPV) & Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

- Structure of General Partners (GP) and Limited Partners (LP)

- Cash Flow Waterfall; this will be used to calculate internal rates of return for the different investors involved in the development project.

This ready-to-use, downloadable model also comes with an accompanying video. This video is very useful for gaining a greater understanding of not just this real estate model, but real estate modeling more generally. This tool is thus able to aid and inform the user in real estate development projects.

If you have any questions regarding this model or the video, do not hesitate to reach out by starting a discussion below.

To find more models and templates from CFI, please refer to our channel page.

This Best Practice includes
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