FAB  (Feature - Advantage – Benefit) Tool
Originally published: 08/02/2018 14:31
Last version published: 09/02/2018 10:52
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FAB (Feature - Advantage – Benefit) Tool

The FAB tool asks you questions on how to describe your service or products in terms of Feature - Advantage – Benefit.

Use the FAB tool to make your service or product more customer friendly.

Feature is the facts - the obvious features you are planning to sell. You might sell organic falafel burgers with a Fiber rich bun from a food truck.

Advantages are which advantages the customer gets from eating organic falafel burgers from your food truck. E.g. the truck is parked conveniently when having lunch break, therefore access to a quick and healthy meal.

Benefits - are the underlying advantages the customer is looking for - sometimes without knowing.

E.g. living an organic life, eating a burger without meat helps saving the planet, show the co-workers you do the right thing for the planet and your children.

Always search for Advantages and Benefit in the service or product you are selling.

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Eye-opening approach to understand your customers' needs.

Forces you to focus on what is most important for your customers.

Makes you innovate your product to better fit customer needs.

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