Multifamily Development Model Built-to-Sell
Originally published: 08/05/2020 17:12
Last version published: 27/06/2021 12:23
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Multifamily Development Model Built-to-Sell

This is a ready-to-use multifamily development model in Microsoft Excel Built-to-sell scenario

This is a ready-to-use mixed-use (residential + 2-4 commercial units) development financial model/pro forma.

This model will serve you perfectly for a proper analysis of a mixed-use development opportunity.

This model is suitable for built-to-sell development projects. My built-to-rent development models can be found under the links:
In case you are looking for the financial model suitable for other property types, please contact me directly and I will be able to upload for you.


If you are looking for a professional financial model which can deliver all the main economics of an investment WITHOUT giving you the headache of running through a million of unnecessary cells and unclear terminology, then you are in the right place.

This development model is:
- Clean and transparent;
- Professional;
- Reliable;
- 100% dynamic;
- Easy to use, understand and modify;
- Prepared by an industry professional with a significant track record;
- Institutional quality;
- Presentable;
- Includes only useful information.

The best thing is that I update my models non-stop, so after the purchase you are eligible to use a new version with added features and calculations.


This real estate development model will help you to:
- Present main economics of the development project;
- Estimate profitability and returns of the development project;
- Present sources and uses of capital and measure financing costs;
- Check feasibility of various floor plans;
- Assess a range of construction budget and timing assumptions;
- Assess a range of exit scenarios.


The package includes 1 Unlocked Excel File

The model consists of 7 interconnected tabs.

- Project Summary/Assumptions Summary (flexible construction budget, flexible construction timing and sale assumptions, flexible exit timing and pricing);
- Annual & Monthly Cash Flows;
- Sales Schedule, which calculates sale revenues and costs of sale;
- Draw Schedule, which presents sources and uses of the capital;
- Financing/Loan Amortization which includes the construction senior loan and mezzanine financing;
- Cost Curves, which support the cost distribution over time.


- Sources and Uses of capital;
- Cost/Unit, Sale Price/Unit, Net Sales Revenue;
- Debt Service, Net Leveraged Cash Flow;
- Exit Sale Price is presented as sale price per square feet;
- Main Metrics: IRR, Equity Multiple, Net Profit, Development Margin, NPV.

In case you have any questions or concerns before purchase, please feel free to contact me directly.

If you have specific requirements for the model or need a consultation, please also contact me.

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel file

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Further information

Analysis of a development real estate project which includes for-sale residential and commercial units.

Mixed-use (Residential + Commercial) development projects which consider the sale of the entire project after development

Development projects which consider rental of the units


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  • Dan Horner(last updated: 01/07/2020 14:01)
    Extremely helpful all round.
    Great base model and Oksana (Author) is very generous in her time coming back to you with any questions and queries you may have. Strongly recommend.
  • Charalampos Florou(last updated: 08/05/2020 18:49)

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