Wholesale Price Calculator Excel
Originally published: 14/01/2020 08:58
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Wholesale Price Calculator Excel

This Excel tool calculates your profitability before submitting customer quotes. Analyse and set prices with ease.

The Wholesale Price Calculator is a template to efficiently determine how to price your wholesale goods, by filling in various details and plugging in your desired inputs. Simply insert all of the products that your business is planning to sell into the Excel spreadsheet and give them a corresponding unit price and unit cost.

Then, upon further introduction of the trade details, you will be provided with an even more accurate estimate of the price offer you should be looking to execute.

Input Product -> Calculate average profit

Furthermore, the result of entering a new product in the wholesale offer is easily can be clearly seen, due to the dynamic change in the top right corner.


In this section, you can record all of your various products, each with their own unit price and unit cost. This information is then presented in the dashboard section and can be manipulated using the drop-down menu (search by product etc.).


The dashboard provides you with a clean and user-friendly way to review the data you have input. You can choose which items you specifically want to revise from the drop-down menus under the Product Description column. Also, you can see the quantity of units and any discount you plan to apply. This will then give you the Final Price Quote and indicate how profitable that item is.

Lastly, after having entered all your desired details of your wholesale activities it will provide you with your trade details such as Total Quantity, Revenue (Price - Discounts x Quantity), Profit (Total revenue - total cost) and Average Profit (given as a percentage).

Wholesale Price Calculator Excel Template Features:
• Easy to use Price Offer Template
• Provides a structured overview of the profitability of various products
• Informational notes provided also
• Ready to use from moment of download. No installation required
• Works with Mac and Windows
• Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions
• No VBA macros

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