Digital Transformation: Value Creation & Analysis
Originally published: 26/02/2020 10:57
Publication number: ELQ-95312-1
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Digital Transformation: Value Creation & Analysis

This framework deals with the various aspects of Value Creation through Digital Transformation.

Most organizations recognize the significant potential in creating value through Digital Transformation. However, they may struggle with the question of exactly how much value they can create and where within the organization the value will come from. This presentation deals with the various aspects of Value Creation through Digital Transformation.

Specifically, we explore the following topics:
* Sources of Digital Value
* Digital Value Chain Analysis
* Digital Transformation Opportunity Assessment
* Horizons of Digital Transformation

Most organizations are leaving money and value on the table with their Digital Transformation efforts. They focus only on specific functions, typically customer-centric operations, instead of looking for impact across the whole Digital Value Chain.

Although we tend to focus on Customer Experience, the Digital Value Chain embraces functions across the organization. It involves 6 core areas:

1. Customer Experiences
2. Product and Service Innovation
3. Distribution, Marketing, and Sales
4. Digital Fulfillment
5. Risk Optimization
6. Enhanced Corporate Control

To capture the maximum value available, organizations need to assess the value at stake and invest proportionally to that value. They then need align their business and operating models accordingly. The potential impact of digital technology varies greatly by industry.

This document also includes templates you can use in your own business presentations.

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