Startup Nursery School Financial Projections Excel Template
Originally published: 15/11/2018 12:03
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Startup Nursery School Financial Projections Excel Template

This is a comprehensive financial model for creating projections for a startup Nursery School.

This Nursery School financial projections template is an incredibly detailed model for forecasting the financial performance of a new Nursery.

This Excel spreadsheet consists of 20 functional tabs. They are the following:

Index – Dashboard – Assumptions – Detailed Project Costs – Project Costs & Financing – Govt. Funding – Income Statement – Income Statement Yearly – Balance Sheet – Balance Sheet Yearly – Cash Flow Statement – Cash Flow Statement Yearly – Under 2’s – Over 2’s – Afterschool Club Yearwise – Revenue Summary – Detailed Staff Costs – Staff Salaries & Benefits – Capacity & Teaching Staff – Depreciation

There are a number of tables and graphs included in a couple of the tabs to present the data in a more digestible way. In the Dashboard tab, there is a table to show the Net Surplus, Net Worth and Govt. Funding. In the Project Costs & Financing tab, there is a pie chart to represent the division of the break-up of project costs.

The financial model is fully customisable thanks to the template having fully actionable cells and automated sums. It is possible to determine the specific characteristics that will be different for every nursery school model as well.

The school day timings, the fees (and categories of fees), the different schooling options included, staffing expenses, general and administrative expenses, and capital expenditure all include multiple cells that can be altered to create a fully bespoke model.

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