Construction KPI Dashboard Excel Template
Originally published: 26/04/2019 15:24
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Construction KPI Dashboard Excel Template

This is a highly professional KPI Key Performance Indicators Dashboard template for those in the construction industry.

Ideal for those in the construction industry, this is an immaculately presented Key Performance Indicator Dashboard to help monitor your company’s performance in key areas and maximise profitability and efficiency.

This MS Excel document is available to download instantly and comes ready for data input. The template covers the 23 most important KPIs for construction, allowing quality and safety improvement. The following performance indicators are included:

- Expense: This includes schedule variance, cost per KM / Mile, Cost of procurement, Total Cost of Labour, Cost of Marketing, and the percentage of products delivered on budget.

- Productivity: Covering percentage of products delivered on time, waste / recycling per job, average revenue per hour worked, percentage of equipment downtime, percentage of labour downtimes.

- Quality: This analyses the design defects, defects due to workmanship, material defects, site inspections conducted, total cost of rework.

- Customer: Customer Satisfaction, Internal Customer Satisfaction, Remaining time to customer deadline.

- Workmanship: This section refers to Worker Satisfaction, Safety / Incident Rate, and Safety Meetings.

The KPI allows both monthly and cumulative analysis whilst including interactive charts and an accompanying tutorial video.

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