Investment Banking Spark Financial Model
Originally published: 04/12/2017 15:15
Last version published: 03/04/2018 08:29
Publication number: ELQ-59181-3
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Investment Banking Spark Financial Model

Professional investment-banking financial model, made easy by step by step instructions and video tutorial

EASY - Follow step by step instructions. No financial or accounting experience required. Check out our Youtube channel for tutorials on how to use the model as well as tips on forecasting

PROFESSIONAL - Investment banking style financial model providing full suite of operational and financial analysis. Includes fully integrated financial statements, automatic debt amortization, depreciation schedule and common valuation methodologies.

TRANSPARENT - Unlike other products, we will provide model in its entirety, allowing you to learn by doing. Do you want to be an excel guru? Or simply studying for an investment banking interview? The model provides all the underlying calculations which you can learn from.

This Best Practice includes
1. Excel file containing Spark Financial Model 2. Video tutorials

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Further information

Welcome to spark Financial Model. Your personalized, investment banking financial model, customized for small business. Follow our step by step tutorials, designed for people at all levels of financial knowledge, that guides you through the model inputs and outputs.

Whilst Spark Financial Model has been developed for small business owners to assist with business planning, forecasting and assessing financial viability, given it has been developed using investment banking methodology, it is also appropriate for people preparing for investment banking interviews or simply excel enthusiasts.

You must be willing to learn
Spark Financial Model is detailed, and even though we’ve provided a wealth of information to guide you through the process and help you gain insights to your business, you are the one that ultimately must use this tool. You must be willing to set aside a few hours of your time to go through the materials provided by Spark Financial Model to use it effectively

Tool for financial forecasting and learning
Spark Financial Model is a tool for financial forecasting, you are responsible for the assumptions that goes in and the results that comes out. The materials available in Spark Financial Model as well as the website is not financial advice, it only provides a suggested framework through which you can think about your business. Whilst the tutorials provide some general tips for small business, we do not know your specific situation, you will need to judge for yourself whether the general business tips are appropriate for you. Spark Financial Model is not responsible for your business not meeting your forecasts, we only provide you with information and a tool to help you formulate your own forecasts

We are a small business too, please help us with our success as we aim to help you with yours. If someone you know likes Spark Financial Model or any of the materials, ask them to purchase the product from Spark Financial Model like you did. If you are aware of anyone distributing our product illegally, please contact us and let us know. Spark Financial Model and all its materials are protected under copy write law, any unauthorized distribution or commercial use (such as re-selling) is a violation of the terms of use and you will be prosecuted.

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