• How to Promote a Startup Business
  • How to Promote a Startup Business
  • How to Promote a Startup Business
Originally published: 12/02/2018 13:09
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How to Promote a Startup Business

Tips for promoting a startup based on Michael Sadowski's experience with his own. Particularly for those with no money.

Michael Sadowski outlines that he has never spoken to more people than in 2011 when he was launching his product, and so he thinks this is the key to any successful business; it's essential to get as much feedback as possible.

Social media was a huge part of this success in marketing the first version of the product, especially because modern social media was one of the major applications of his team's product. Facebook seemed to be the major source of first traffic. This was done by leveraging the Facebook groups, all the popular fan pages that they tried to engage to get some initial exposure. Again, it's worth saying that the engagement shouldn't be done in a 'spammy' way; it's just about engaging, giving some value, or asking for feedback, asking for people' help.

This video gives helpful advice and tips on promoting a startup based on Michael Sadwoski's experience with his own startup.

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