Stock Analysis & Valuation (Google Sheets Template)
Originally published: 31/08/2020 09:21
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Stock Analysis & Valuation (Google Sheets Template)

Google sheet template for Analysing and Valuation of US listed stocks with live data from internet.

With this template you will get all required data (ratios, reports...) and charts of a stock just by adding Ticker of Stock you want to analyze.

Google Sheets file is located in Google drive, and it will be copied to your google drive account.
If you would like to access your template through your smartphone, It's recommended that you install Google Sheet APK.

How to get your own copy of the model:
-Purchase/Download the MS word file "Stock_Analysis_&_Valuation_GoogleSheet_Link_MakeMyCopy.docx" with access link.
-Click on the Link, a new window will pop-up. Or copy the link to your browser.
-Click on "Make a copy"
-You will have your own copy of the model in your google drive/google sheets.


In this tab all ratios, charts and historical data required for stock analysis are combined. It also includes Future book value, Intrinsic Value and Valuation results based on Intrinsic value.
Score % is given to each important ratio, growth % and valuation outcome. Based on average of all score % given, stock will be graded from A to D.

This tab includes historical data of most important price and profitability ratios with bar charts for getting a better idea.

This tab includes Income Statement and Balance Sheet historical data with quarterly growth %.

By clicking on "Save Entry" Command in top-left corner of MAIN tab, all important data of stock will be copied to a single row in this tab. Each time this command is clicked, relevant data will be copied to a new row in this tab. This tab can be used as Watchlist for stocks analysed and can be sorted by Grade, Valuation score %, date analysed..

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Analysis and Valuation of US listed stocks and creating watch list of stocks

Applies to US listed stocks

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