Flowchart Maker Excel Template
Originally published: 04/05/2020 09:19
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Flowchart Maker Excel Template

This tool generates flowcharts from Excel data with ease. No drag and drop, simply insert your data and click CREATE!

Flowcharts have a very diverse range of uses, whether that be for reporting, studying, planning or developing complicated processes, and boiling them down to simple and understandable diagrams. No matter how straight-forward or how intricate a process might be, everyone can be on the same page with a flowchart.

In the database section, you simply have to paste your data in and the program will take care of the rest! As it is also fully customizable, after your flowchart has been generated, you can modify it according to your needs.

Flowcharts demonstrate the workflow of system, process, project or analysis.
They break down a system to the basics, with each steps represented by different boxes with arrows showing in which direction the information is flowing.
These interlinking boxes will show you clearly what is happening and make complicated processes appear much more manageable.


The majority of other flowchart makers available on the internet with use a drag and drop method. You have to do all the hard work yourself! With this tool, everything is done for you!

Step 1: Provide an ID for every step. This is very useful for being able to connect the right steps to each other.
Step 2: Provide a next ID, telling the programme which step comes next.
Step 3: Choose the decision label - if the shape is a diamond (shape), then it will lead to multiple shapes. You just need to put in the a label according to the data order in the Next ID column.
Step 4: Select the appropriate shape you need from the dropdown menu.

Every shape means something different - here are the most common ones:

An OVAL is placed at the beginning and at the end of a complete process.
A RECTANGLE denotes a casual process that leads on to another step.
A DIAMOND represents a decision that needs to be made.
A PARALLELOGRAM denotes an input or output.
An ARROW is what connects the steps and shows the direction of the process.


You can also make adjustments to the flowchart that are in line with your preferences. You are not required to put in these setting at the start; you can easily make your desired changes at the end of the process.


The last two columns of the dashboard are optional - they are great for if you want to modify the specific position of the shapes or you want to change their color. This Flowchart Maker will not include any undefined points.

Following this, you can then make the following customizations to your exact liking:

Chart layout: You can make it Vertical or Horizontal.
Shape width & height: You can adjust the width and height of every shape
The spacing between shapes (horizontal and vertical): You can modify the horizontal and vertical gap between shapes to your liking.
Font size: You can change how big the font of the writing in the shapes is.
Shape color: You may add a new color to the color database to use that on a shape later.

Automatic Flowchart Maker Features Summary:

•Creates a perfect Flowchart automatically.
• Need to make modifications? Drag and Drop with ease!
• Customizable Next ID position and Shape Color
• Decision Labels and Shape Type
• Shape Settings; Width/Height, Gap Size, Horizontal/Vertical, Font Size
• Clear on sheet instructions (with turn on/off function)
• Export to PDF feature
• Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions.
• Informational notes included
• No installation needed. Ready to use.
• Works both on Mac and Windows

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