Food truck financial model - Quick Start series
Originally published: 07/07/2022 13:14
Last version published: 15/07/2022 10:08
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Food truck financial model - Quick Start series

Food truck financial model with guided inputs, in Microsoft Excel to download

This easy to use Financial Model template guides you through all inputs and gives clear and concise outputs with explanations, giving you a fast way to make business decisions around pricing, new products and margins. 

The model has a consistent structure and format and follows international accounting rules. 

This model can be used to understand:
- how much funding you need
- when do you make a profit
- how many units do you need to sell 

You can input the details for one investment round and also get a business valuation. Pitch ready and everything an investor needs to quickly and easily evaluate your business. 

For the Quick Start Series we have reduced the number of model tabs to just:

1/Introduction - clear instruction on how to use the model

2/Input guide- all the model inputs in one tab (no more jumping between tabs), and clear explanations for all input requirements and jargon

3/Forecast Calculations - the engine of the model, all the calculations in one place

4/Financial statements - income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement

5/Output summary - summary of all key outputs including funding requirements, profitability margins and performance ratios, funding round valuations, returns for founders and investors

This Best Practice includes
1 financial forecast template Excel workbook (including guide/definitions within workbook)

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