Start-up Business Financial Model & Plan - 10 Year Three Statement Analysis
Originally published: 19/04/2022 09:05
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Start-up Business Financial Model & Plan - 10 Year Three Statement Analysis

This Start-Up Business Finacial Model includes a Business Plan Template - 10 years Three Statement analyses plus a Dashboard - Product by Product Analysis

This Start-up Business Financial Model and Planning template is suitable for almost any type of business, whether it be selling items or time. The Model only requires basic input fields and will produce 10 years of Cash Flow, Income Statements and Balance Sheets. You also have a dashboard as well as product by product analysis which will clearly illustrate and rank your most profitable items. Coupled with this, we have added a Business Plan Template with automation of some of your most pertinent Financial Data from the Business Model into the Business Plan. Your Business is analysed with or without Gearing as may be required as well as depreciation on capital items. We make use of Gross Profit, Net Profit, Net Profit after Tax, NPV, IRR and MIRR. The basic input fields include the Capital Items that need to be purchased, and their useful life expectancy (we calculate the depreciation for you), the basic monthly expenditure to effectively operate the business, the amount of gearing/loan capital required as well as the length and interest charges, and finally the cost and selling price of items that you wish to have on the market. From this, we are able to produce 10 years of Cash Flow, Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Break-even Turnover requirements, NPAT, MIRR, IRR and NPV. Added to this we have a Business Plan Template that you may wish to use, and automatically import certain financial data from your business model into the business plan template. The Product by-product analysis sheet is next to your Input sheet and produces useful product by product information such as GP%, Mark-up%, Contribution to overall Income%, and ranks the products for you according to their contributions to the success of the business. This is a comprehensive yet simple to use Business Financial Plan that will clearly illustrate the viability of almost any kind of business, and with the Business Plan Template incorporated into the Model, it is highly presentable to not only assess but present to would-be funders or investors alike.

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This Business model is an excellent tool for startups and existing businesses who wish to analyse and plan forward. This 10 year Financial Model includes a business plan template.

This Startup Business Financial Model and Plan may be used for virtually any business type.

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