Income Statement Excel Template
Originally published: 10/01/2022 07:46
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Income Statement Excel Template

Monthly and Annual Income Statement with Horizontal, Vertical and Ratios Analysis

This ready to use Income Statement template with Horizontal, Vertical and Ratios Analysis allows you to monitor your financial situation by providing a detailed overview of your Revenues, Expenses, Gross Profit, EBITDA, Net Profit/Loss, Net Income and financial KPIS, month over month and year over year.

The template includes Monthly Income Statement and Annual Income Statement (5 last fiscal years) where you can monitor:
• Total Operating Income and details by Income source, Cost of Goods Sold, Gross Profit, Total Operating Expenses and details by Expense source, Operating Profit/Loss (EBITDA), Non-Operating Income/Expenses, Net Profit/Loss, Income Taxes and Net Income
• Financial Performance Ratios: Gross Margin, Profit Margin and Net Profit Margin
• Financial Horizontal Analysis: percentage of change of each item across 12 months and across the last 5 fiscal years and Trend charts
• Financial Vertical Analysis: each item is shown as a percentage of sales
• Waterfall visualization of the Income Statement
• Profitability from operations for the 5 past fiscal years
• Productivity Financial KPIs for the 5 past fiscal years
• Costs Breakdown: Operating Expenses vs Cost of Goods Sold
• Dynamic Fiscal Year: you can set your fiscal year to start on any month, January, April, July, etc
• Dynamic Display Units: you can show your data in thousands or millions

Using this tool is very simple, you just need to enter regularly or import your:
• Operating and Non-Operating Incomes
• Cost of Goods Sold
• Operating and Non-Operating Expenses
• Income Taxes

How to Use:
• Ready-to-use template, just enter or import your data.
• Dashboard ready to be printed.
• Instructions on the Excel sheet “User Guide”.
• Works on PC with Windows.
• Allow Macros to run (enable content when opening file).
• Requires Microsoft Excel version 2010 or higher

Customizable template:
Colors, fonts, and all style attributes can be changed to suit your needs. If you want to make changes on your own, just enter the password included with the file to unlock the template.

This Best Practice includes
A template with sample data + An empty template, ready to receive your data.

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Monitor financial performance

It is a practical and easy-to-use tool, ideal for business wishing to visualize all their income and expenses and monitor financial performance in a monthly and annual base.

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