BCG Matrix Template
Originally published: 04/05/2020 09:15
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BCG Matrix Template

The classic tool that allows you to categorize and manage your various projects within a business' portfolio.

The Boston Consulting Group Matrix Excel Template is made up of four quadrants: Stars, Questions Marks, Cash Cows and Dogs, with each of them compared and contrasted based on the relative market growth rates and market shares.

This is useful for businesses that want to assess which projects/products/services they should be injecting and working on, and which should be put on hold.

Features of this model:

Make a list of products that are relevant. By inserting the brand's market share as well as that of the largest competitor, the Relative Market Share section will be work out automatically.

When all the data has been filled into the 6 columns, it will be automatically shown in Numerical Visualization and on the classic BCG Matrix. This will provide a professional and clear graphic, helping inform you about what your next decisions should be. This can also be shown in presentations to colleagues.

In short -

Cash cows: You should be milking the "cash cows" to encourage growth and hold on to their market share. It has a low market growth rate, however its share in this market is significant.

Stars: Businesses should be investing in their stars because they have the potential to turn into cash cows. The growth of the market is significant, and their relative market share is also large.
Question marks: All depending on whether they are likely to become stars, companies should be cautious when investing in their question mark products. Their market growth rate is high however their relative share of the market is low.
Poor dogs: Companies should really be looking to terminate these dogs, as their market growth rate is low and their relative market share is also low. It really doesn't look promising for these products.

Features Summary:

• Evaluates balance in your companies’ current portfolio
• Easy to fill Data Section
• Full Print Ready
• Informational notes included
• No installation needed. Ready to use.
• Works both on Mac and Windows
• Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions
• Does not include any VBA macros

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