Levermann App (one App - one Click - one Score)
Originally published: 23/03/2021 08:44
Last version published: 26/07/2021 10:22
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Levermann App (one App - one Click - one Score)

It enables you to do a stock valuation in an app with a click according to the so-called Levermann method.

It enables you to do a stock valuation in an app with a click according to the so-called Levermann method. A detailed description of this method can be found in the book "The Practical Handbook on the Levermann Strategy: Stock Selection by Points System" by Petra Wolff

Features of the program:
- Flexible selection from over 10000 stock titles
- Automatic selection of the associated comparison index
- Automatic consideration of whether it is a company from the financial sector or not
- Automatic determination of the last profit report date
- Manual override of the index, finance flag, date of last profit report possible
- Calculation of the Levermann score
- Overview of the individual score components with value and result
- 20 benchmark indizes
- Additional information of the stock (name, sector, industry, MarketCap)

Stocks from:
USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, France, Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic

Input fields
- "Stock Ticker": Entry for the ticker symbol of the stock for which the calculation should be done. For stocks <> USA
the corresponding country code with ".XY" must always be used - for an overview of the stocks with the ticker symbol, see
the enclosed excel sheet Tickers.xlsx
- "Index": Selection of the comparison index - with "auto" the program selects an index that is as suitable as possible.
- "Finance Stock": Indicates whether the stock is a stock from the financial sector or
not (has an impact on the calculation of the score) - if nothing is selected here, the program selects the setting itself
according to the sector of the stock.
- "Last Earnings": Enter the date of the last earnings report - with "auto" the program tries to determine the date of the
last report itself

Disclaimer: As the programs obtain data from online resources and if, for unlikely reasons, these online resources should no longer be available, then of course these programs can no longer be used or no longer work.

This Best Practice includes
1 App, 2 readme.txt

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